Healthy food52 foods that boost penis healthChristina SimonettiTodayThe absolute best things you can eat for your manhood.

To boost the health of one of your favorite body parts and ensure it stays at its prime, you must first consider what’s hurting your penis. From stress to sleep deprivation to alcohol consumption, and even a bad attitude, there are a number of things that harm your sperm, testosterone production, and crush your desire to get busy. However, upping your intake of specific foods can actually have the opposite effect. That’s right, you can eat to boost your sex life.

Whether you can’t get a hard-on, or just want your sex drive to surge, you can fuel your body (and your penis) with foods that make everything run smoothly. That means eating foods that contain high amounts of omega-3 acids (to improve blood flow to the penis) to ones that have special enyzmes that can boost your libido to others that include powerful pleasure-boosting minerals (like zinc, magnesium, and selenium) to foods rich in the vitamins B, C, D, and E that help control stress and your nerves—all factors that impact penile health. With the help of nutrition expert Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D.N., we rounded up the top foods that fit the bill.